2019 International Conference of Taiwan Finance Association

Corporate Innovation, Government Policy, and Industrial Transformation

The 2019 International Conference of Taiwan Finance Association (TFA) will be held on May 24-25, 2019, co-hosted by the Department of Finance of National Taiwan University and TFA. Our conference theme this year is “Corporate Innovation, Government Policies, and Industrial Transformation.”

TFA aims to facilitate developments and applications in financial theories and practices. The 2019 Annual Meeting plays an important role in improving the breadth and depth of academic research in finance. In recent years, Taiwan has encountered many difficulties in economic growth, and the success of industrial transformation is crucial for the economy to flourish again. Industrial transformation is closely related to corporate innovation and government policy. In addition, innovation activities and policy-making are inextricably linked to financial decision, operating performance, and market value of the companies. Therefore, it is an important issue to explore how corporate innovation and government policy can lead to successful industrial transformation, international competitive advantage and profitability of companies, and further contribute to economic prosperity and social benefit.

Based on the above background, the 2019 Annual Meeting will feature the theme “Corporate Innovation, Government Policies, and Industrial Transformation”. We are honored to invite Professor Gustavo Manso as our keynote speaker this year. Professor Manso is the William A. and Betty H. Hasler Chair in New Enterprise Development at Haas School of Business of University of California at Berkeley. He is an outstanding scholar in corporate finance, cooperate innovation, and entrepreneur finance, with excellent publications in top economics, finance, and management journals. At the same time, we cordially invite other outstanding scholars worldwide to participate in the in the conference. In addition to the academic sessions, the conference will also arrange several forums to bring together ideas and information among academic researchers, practitioners, and policy makers. Furthermore, case study sessions will be held in order to enhance the cooperation between industry and academia.


Paper Submissions Due:March 1, 2019
Notification of Acceptance and Opening of Online Registration:April 1, 2019
Online Registration Due:May 1, 2019

【Program Committee】(In alphabetical order)

Sheng-Syan Chen - National Chengchi University, Taiwan
Yehning Chen - National Taiwan University, Taiwan
Yao-Min Chiang - National Taiwan University, Taiwan
Robin K. Chou - National Chengchi University, Taiwan
San-Lin Chung - National Taiwan University, Taiwan
Keng-Yu Ho - National Taiwan University, Taiwan
Larry Tzeng - National Taiwan University, Taiwan
Yanzhi Wang - National Taiwan University, Taiwan


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