FERM 2010 in Taiwan


Registration is Closed!

Registration fees (Registration fees for Invited Speakers and Committee Members are waived):

  1. Participants outside Taiwan

Please take note of the rates and registration period indicated below.

Before May 15, 2010After May 15, 2010
Non-Academics400 USD500 USD
Academics200 USD250 USD
Students100 USD150 USD
  1. Participants in Taiwan

National Taiwan University (NTU) and Taiwan Econometric Society (TES) sponsor all or part of the participation for their members. Members of NTU and TES are subject to discounted rates as indicated below.

A: WaivedB: 1,000 TWDC: 100 USD
  • NTU Faculty & Students
  • TES Student Member
  • TES Regular Member
  • Students (Neither NTU Nor TES)
Those neither A nor B