FERM 2010 in Taiwan

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About Taipei:

Taipei city is the capital and also the political, economic and cultural center, located in the Taipei Basin of northern Taiwan. In every sense, Taipei is a modern metropolis, with its advanced transportation system, and vast, lively scene of shopping malls, arts venues, hotels, restaurants and night spots.

While the city embraces modernity, cultural traditions and arts continue to thrive and color daily life in Taipei, where concerts, festivals and other events are celebrated in full splendor throughout the year. Nature lovers also appreciate the abundance of nearby mountains, greenery, urban parks and waterfronts.

Weather in brief:

The average annual temperature is 23.6 XC (74.5 XF), with a summer average of 29.4 XC (84.9 XF) (with daily highs in the low 30X range). Summers are humid and accompanied by occasional rainstorms and typhoons

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